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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Child Survival


India has a population of over 1 billion with estimated 158 million children aged between 0 -6 years. The health and nutrition rate in India is alarming. Following are some staggering figures to explain this;

  • The infant mortality rate in India is 55/1000 live births.
  • The neonatal mortality rate is 39/1000 live births.
  • The under 5 mortality is 74/1000.

These deaths are mostly preventable. Almost one in every three babies in the world who die before they are four weeks old, one is from India.

Save the Children, seeing the urgency started working in the poorest performing areas of the states of West Bengal and Rajasthan.

The approach which Save the Children follows in these intervention models is to strengthen the demand on the supply side. Our primary focus is on triggering a community level mechanism which enables every community and each and every family to understand the importance of all basic essential care and services related to maternal, new born, child health and nutrition. This also includes developing coordination between sectors like Integrated Child Development Services Scheme, Department of Health and Family Welfare and Panchayat Raj Institutions. To strengthen the supply side Save the Children is working on enhancing the capacities of grass-root level health workers in the programme area to deliver maternal, newborn, child health and nutrition services with improved quality.

In the program areas, this approach could result into increased utilization of the services by the communities as well as regularity in its delivery with improved quality.

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