'Parivartan' strives to foster processes for facilitating extensive and equitable access to knowledge and skills for prosperity of the poor and vulnerable.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

General Awareness Program at Primary School, Tughalpur, Gr.Noida

Parivartan organised an awareness programme in primary school situated in Tughalpur village,Greater Noida.It is a middle school and we interacted with the students of 3rd; 4th and 5th which altogether had a strength of 200 students. The children were enthusiastic to learn and keen to know about new things.
Our team told them about:

1)Health and hygiene
3)Moral values

1)India at a glance


At the end of the session questions were asked and pencil boxes as prizes were given out. We distributed pencils, pens and biscuits. The kids were made to note few important tips on personal health and hygiene and important points on other topics. The kids were urged to and inspired to inform their parents and friends about the lessons that they learnt.

The feedback from kids were heartening and encouraging. To bring a positive lasting change in the society we need to begin with the kids as they are the future of our country. Parivartan stands for the children of
 today and tomorrow.

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  1. hi,

    i appreciate that kind of work frm future engineers frm my college.

    i also wan2 contribute frm my side.

    thanx 2 all of u 4 this great social cause....